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If You Have A Nice Booty, Show It Off!

You know what we mean! That’s right, we’re talking about those sexy ankle boots you have on you. While many people may not be a fan of booties saying they’re quite uncomfortable…


Yeah, we were surprised too! But anyway, you will always be able to see one person or the other asking, “Is it really comfortable?” Well if you choose the Windsor Smith Stores from Supersaver Mama’s Windsor Smith discount codes then you’ll be able to understand why there’s so much hype surrounding booties.

Oh they’re so great!

The reason everyone loves booties so much is mainly because of the ideals they hold. They can literally be worn over anything and give you a badass, rebellious look. When it comes down to it, anyone can rock a booty! And the mere fact that you have it says a lot about who you are as person.

Oh yeah, we’re the type to define people through their attire because, let’s face it, what you put on your back is the ultimate definition of who you are. That’s right, it does and when you walk out with the Leather Bootie on your feet, you’re bound to have people make way for you.
Now comes to the fact of whether or not they are comfortable.

Well, these shoes define comfort! They may be high heeled but there’s a difference between heels and wedges and that fine line is known as comfort. You know when you’re walking down the street and you just know that you own every step that you take, booties give you that confidence. It’s no wonder that people who own booties often walk with poise and confidence and it’s also way you feel like you can’t mess with them.

Our favorite?

Windsor Smith recently launched a Women’s Bootie made out of pure Berlin leather. It looks like this:

Windsor Voucher Codes

We would definitely recommend this if you’re a first timer for booties because it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful and it’s going to define your look like no other bootie can. Also with the voucher codes, you really can’t deny how much money you’ll be saving!

Simply go on their website and opt for the Windsor Smith Women Footwear and you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

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